Yoga Poses to Lose Weight

Gym has never been my thing. And it is not because I was not trying hard enough – 1 year gym membership, 1 week going to the gym so far. I asked myself several time what I could do to lose weight instead.

This question was answered by chance. Someday I crossed over street with an old friend. I could not hide my astonishment after seeing her after a couple of years . She was a completely new person – from an insecure woman battling against binge eating to a confident woman in a great shape.

I asked her what she did, of course. And she answered me briefly, “Yoga”.  How is it possible that I had no idea that yoga is a good alternative for weight loss? Since then, I have lost around 10 pounds in one year. It is a result I’ve never reached before, and If I can do that, you definitely can as well.

Yoga, unlike what most of people think, is not just for skinny girls. It is for everyone, no matter what is your current weight. You can loose weight and a bunch of fears while practicing yoga. It is not an overnight process though. It is a life journey.

This is the routine I’ve been following with consistency on the last months. Make sure to practice 5x per week per 30 minutes. Don’t stop moving until the end of the entire workout, which must be repeated 12 times.

Summary of how to practice these yoga postures to lose weight:

  • Follow this routine 5x per week during 30 minutes at least
  • Do 12 repetitions of this yoga sequence
  • Follow this sequence preferably at morning or after 4- 5 hours from eating
  • Make sure to performance properly each yoga posture, but keep the flow at same time
  • This yoga sequence is meant to be done intensely

These yoga postures sequence is known as “surya namaskar, or “sun salutation”. It is suitable for beginners and even for people who have not been exercising at all. Even though It can sound like an easy exercise, be prepared to sweat off!

Sequence of yoga postures to help you to lose weight in a quick and effective way:

1. Pranamasana – Prayer Pose

You must start in a standing posture. Align your spine over your pelvis. Distribute your weight equally on booth feet. Each feet must be in a proportional distance from each other – not too wide, not too close. Bring your palms together in a prayer gesture. Your palms must be placed on the center of your heart.

2. Hasta Uttanasana – Sun stretch

Breath in, while lifting your arms up to the sky. Stretch your arms up like trying to reach something. Slowly backbend while lifting your arms. Imagine a sun light going through your heart, and illuminating your whole being. Gaze up maintaining your neck relaxed.

3. Uttanasana – Standing forward Bend

As you exhale, bend forward at hips. Maintain your spine aligned and, if needed, bend your knee until you feel completely comfortable. You should not feel any kind of stress on your lower back. Exhale completely while bending forward. Rest your palms at floor and gaze between your legs.

4. Ashva Sanchalanasana – Lunge Pose

As you inhale, slowly bring your right leg forward between your hand, push your left leg back, and look up. It is important to do not let your right knee go past to your toes while stretching.
Plank Pose

As you breathing in, take your right left back and bring your body full extension. Imagine your entire body in a straight line. Keep your core tight and do not let your hips go down. Your neck must be in a neutral position.

5. Ashtanga Namaskara – Knees, chest and chin pose

As you exhale, drop your two knees down touching the floor. Rest your chest and chin down to the floor, and keep your hands and shoulder aligned. Raise slightly your butt up.

6. Bhujangasana – The cobra Pose

As you inhale, slide forward and lift your chest off the floor. Place your hands flat on the floor. Bent your shoulders straight back and keep them away from the ears. Rest in this position while gazing the floor. Maintain your neck in a neutral position.

7. Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog

Breathing out, pull your hips and the tail bone up. Maintain your spine straight and long. Bent your knees generously as you feel like it. Feel the stretch in the back of your legs and in your arms. Let your head hang freely. Hold for 6 breathes.

8. Ashva Sanchalanasana – Lunge Pose

Breathing in, bring your left leg forward between your hands, and take the right knee as far back as you can. Stretch your right leg backwards. Lower your hips down. Gaze straight ahead.

9. Hasta Padasana – Hand to foot pose

As your exhale, bring your right foot forward between your hands. Maintain your spine align. Bend you knee as much as it is needed. Keep your hands flat on the floor. Gaze between your legs.

10. Hasta Uttanasana – Sun stretch

As you breath in, gently roll up and raise your both hands simultaneously overhead. Bend your hands and upper body backwards as far as you can. Allow yourself to feel your heart expanding to all beings.

11. Tadasana – Mountain pose

As you breath out, stand straight with your feet close to each other, and then bring down your arms. Let your arms relax by the side of your body. Be mindful about the sensations through your body, mind, and emotions. Hold on for 3 breaths.

12. Do it over, and over, again – 12x!


I was guided by an yoga instructor on the first days to make sure I was doing it correctly. These yoga poses for weight loss are suitable for someone with overweight. Yoga, overall, have low impact on knee and joints. Done correctly, you will not injury yourself. Therefore, make sure to learn how to do properly these yoga poses with an yoga instructor.


If you suffer from any chronic disease, don’t start this routine without asking your doctor. People with special health conditions need to have precaution when starting doing exercises. You might need to do some modifications on the postures to suit into your health condition.

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