Yoga for Beginners & Beyond

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Range of exercises
  • It inspires you to extend your yoga practice to daily life
  • Yoga routines for both beginners and intermediate levels
  • It doesn't require a previous fitness level, which makes it accessible for people overweight, or not used to exercising
  • There are a wide variety of yoga practices, which you can follow on your own flow
  • The people who do the yoga look like typical people you meet on daily life, and you can definitely relate to them
  • The instructions are clear and very well explained with details and tips
  • The instructor has a smooth, relaxing voice
  • It helps you to calm down, relax, relief tension, and grouding
  • It consist of 3 dvds: yoga for stress relief, yoga for beginners, essential yoga for inflexible people
  • Includes more than 40 work sessions
  • There are yoga routines from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, which you can choose accordingly your schedule
  • Beautiful and relaxing scenario of Half-Moon Bay, Antigua
  • There are postures modification to less flexible people
  • Instructions are given by a narrator while people are doing yoga postures
  • As instructions are not given in a hurry, people with prior experience in yoga may find it too slow
  • The people who demonstrate the postures are advanced practitioners, which can be a bit discouraging to a beginner
  • It is not a straightforward sequence of yoga postures, but a range of yoga poses videos recorded in different periods and then mixed
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