Top 4 Best Yoga Dvds for Weight Loss

Are you not a gym person? Neither Am I! The good news? Yoga is not just an excellent exercise to become flexible and release stress, it is also an effective way of burning calories. It all depends of how often you practice yoga and how do you practice it.

There are many types of yoga: hatha yoga, power yoga, integral yoga, bikram yoga, etc. Some styles are more focused on breathing techniques, while others are focused on the flow. Although all of the types of yoga will bring you physical and mental benefits, some fast paced styles are optimal for weight loss.

Many factors determines how quick you will be able to lose weight – your sleep routine, stress levels, diet, and exercise. The effect of yoga practice embraces all of these factors, while most of common exercises not. In another words, yoga is a complete practice to people who are looking for weight loss.

It might feels a bit scary to take an yoga class for the first time for a beginner. You do not have to wait until you feel comfortable in sharing the room with some strangers. It is possible to practice yoga from your home, in your own pace. There are many yoga dvds for weight loss specifically to you!

Here are a top 4 list of the best yoga dvds for weight loss available on the market:

1. Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga


Bob Harper was the host of The Biggest Loser since 2015, an american competition reality show of loosing weight, and since then he has been the personal trainer of many celebrities. He is not just a great motivator, he also know exactly what he is teaching, specially when it comes about loosing weight.

The Biggest Loser weight loss yoga is meant to anyone who took a real decision about losing weight. No matter if you are overweight or had never done yoga before. Harper`s program is tough but effective. After all, you want results, not empty promises!

Bob instructions are given as you have never heard about yoga before. That`s why you will not have any issue if you never had practiced yoga before. And if you have been practicing yoga, you can actually depth your knowledge. His instructions are detailed in order to you achieve proper form while exercising – one of the most important things when doing yoga.

What is included:

This DVD includes 3 workout routines. Before any exercise there is a 5- minutes warm up, and at end of exercise is followed by a cool-down. The interactive menu gives you the freedom to choose what session you feel like to do.

  • The first session is a vinyasa series target your core strength. In order to develop your core strength it is composed by a sequence of postures like  downward-and upward-facing dog, standing poses, plank, and much more.
  • The second session focus on abs workouts and bacbkbends. This session will burn the fat store on your abdominal area, and it will build on you a six-pack abs.
  • The third session is a whole body exercise along with hand-weights – if you want to. This last session will burn your muscles and, therefore, enhace your fat burning even after exercising.

2. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss


This DVD is one of those that become your go-to yoga workout. The value from this DVD workout has no expiration date. Most of people who purchases this yoga dvd to lose weight, still follows its routines even after achieving their ideal weight.

Weight loss is a change of lifestyle, but also a change of mindset. It is not just about counting calories – it is a process of taking care of yourself and your thoughts. With this DVD you will also be able to become more mindful, and loving to yourself on the weight loss journey.

After this workout you will find yourself energized, more focused, and with full determination. Although losing weight is not an overnight process, you will experience some positive effects from the first day of workout.

What is included:

This DVD routine is suitable for people with all level of fitness. The very same workout is available in 4 different ways according to your personal needs. There are 4 instructors for each yoga level, and each one explains how to properly do the yoga posture in a detailed, understandably way.

  • You can choose your workout level using Multi-Angle
  • There is a personal instructor on-screen icon, which gives you access more detailed instruction
  • It offers you a nutrition, exercise and weight management guide. This guides help you to boost your weight loss, and learn how to track your progress.

3. Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners


Even though the name of DVD is “Yoga for weight loss for beginners”, this DVD is perfect for both the beginners with no previous experience and yoga students alike. The moves are fast paced in order to make your heart rate up, and increase your metabolism.

Take a towel, you are definitely going to break out in sweat during the workout. And that’s why this program is so effective! Doing with consistency in daily basis, you are certainly going to lose weight quite fast.

What it includes:

This DVD’s program are for people who are willing to losing weight and tone their muscles. It is composed by 3 sessions, and in each sessions there are multiples workout from a range of 15-60 minutes. In the total, there are 12 easy-to-folow routines to burn all those stored fat.

  • The first session is for beginners, with one session target to teach you a couple of basic yoga postures, and two sessions with many flow-yoga yoga routines of different duration.
  • The second session includes several yoga routines with an extra difficulty addition.
  • On the last session, the routines are focused on building more strength and toning your muscles along with light weights and resistance band.

4. Yoga for Toning & Weight Loss with Kanta Barrios


This guide does not beat around the bush when it comes about losing weight. From the very start of this DVD, it is given what really matters – an efficient exercise to lose weight! These long, boring instructions found in many DVDs is not added here.

What it includes:

This DVD includes 3 yoga sequences, which can be done in one single workout session, or separately. All those routines aim to tone your muscles, strength your core, and improve your well-being. Regardless the one you choose, it will be intense and a bit fast paced.

  • The first routine, Experience Fullness & Radiance, is a 20 minutes yoga practice can be done as a warm up before the following routines, or it can be practiced alone. You are going to loose any kind of tightness of your muscles by executing some stretching yoga postures.
  • The second routine, Embody Strength & Confidence, will definitely make you muscles burn a lot! This yoga sequence will develop your core, and encourage you to activate all your muscles while performing the postures. This routine will give you toned muscles.
  • The third routine,Express Freedom & Beauty, invites you to depth your practice and burn those fat in the abdominal area. The yoga postures includes back bend, lunging, and supine twists. Stretching comes along with muscle activation, and this will be your focus on this last session.
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