Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginner’s

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Range of exercises
  • Rodney Yee has a relaxing and calming voice
  • Ideal work sessions for home practice
  • Excellent and thorough explanations by the instructor
  • The DVD addresses 4 features: beginners, flexibility, energy, and relaxation
  • Each work out session lasts 20 minutes
  • The yoga sequences flow in a good and slow pace suitable for beginners
  • The poses are easy and effortless to be followed by beginners
  • It explains how the physical and mentally states should be
  • He gives tips on modifying yoga poses to less flexible people
  • Easy and praticble yoga poses for people in any age and level of fitness
  • The postures are taught in a slow pace, with no rush
  • Recommended for beginners with no previous experience in doing yoga
  • Some people with previous yoga experience may find the moves a bit slow
  • Some sessions requires extra device, such as blocks and a band, which can be a bit inopportune
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