Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga

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Range of exercises
  • Recommended for people of any age and any fitness level looking for loose weight
  • It includes 3 yoga workouts
  • This yoga routine suits for both beginners and intermediate
  • The workouts are challenging, but not impossible to be complete
  • The routines start with gentle warm-up including stretching, and then it build up quickly
  • Bob Harpen is quite motivating, and great instructor
  • This DVD encourages you to take a step forward, and increase your performance
  • People who are doing the exercises have different shapes, which boost your confidence
  • There are modification for people who cant execute specific postures
  • This workout will your heart rate up and burn lots of calories
  • The instructions are clear and useful
  • You will be pushed out of your comfort zone, and will feel empowered to keep up
  • It will increase your balance, core strength, and flexibility
  • Beginners might struggle to performance this workout completely
  • This is a tough workout, hence there is not the relaxing and mindfulness known yoga approach
  • One of the routines require a fitness ball and light dumbbells
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